Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheese it up!

Almost every kid loves cheese, almost as much as jelly, or peanut butter!  Well it only takes about 15mins to make a cheesy sauce that will have them eating up that pasta, and it's not a Kraft Dinner powdered mystery.


You'll need

two tablespoons of flour

two tablespoons of marg/butter

one cup of 2% milk

1 cup of shredded cheese


Melt the marg in a sauce pan. med-high heat. when melted add the flour.

stir the marg and flour combine. Add the milk and whisk in the flour mixture. The milk will begin to combine and thicken. Add the cup of cheese and whisk until you have a cheesy sauce.  I like putting a splash of franks red hot for flavour, an a few shakes of pepper and salt, and a little tomato sauce in. And the kids just love it over any pasta.


Hint, bake it mix with macaroni and a cheese topping makes a fantastic mac and cheese too.


Sometimes the little changes with the basics can provide a different dish. Try adding ground beef, or ground chicken too.